3PL or Third Party Logistics is the secret weapon used by businesses to facilitate growth, improvements and fluctuations in stock.

Utilised by 86% of ‘Fortune 500’ companies (US top 500 companies) it provides an effective solution for some of the world’s biggest retailers allowing them to keep their logistics solutions simple.

Think of it like this. Your company enjoys all of its busy period from August to November ahead of the Christmas period. At other times during the year you are able to manage but during that time the volume of stock and the amount of lorry loads you require for distribution is colossal. This is where 3PL providers such as Carlton Forest come in. They can help with storage and warehousing and as part of their transport network can deliver anything from a single parcel to a fleet of forty foot vehicles to ensure you get what you need, where you need and when you need it.


A low risk and high return solution, choosing a 3PL provider can bring many other benefits, both financially and logistically.

3PL providers offer solutions for assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution all of which can maximise profitability, lower overheads and optimise performance and this, combined with a ‘just in time’ mentality delivers unprecedented levels of performance. Furthermore, costs are managed to suit expectations and can keep logistics solutions simple, manageable and accountable.

3PL providers support core business functions not only in a practical distribution sense but also in terms of audit trails for compliance and invoicing. Their technology and resources allow for real time tracking and this can also provide performance and analytical data to assist in strategy development and review.


In addition to day-to-day administrative requirements 3PL’s such as Carlton Forest can also support specific sector requirements in terms of legal logistics requirements. Proficient in supporting sectors including food, domestic, retail and industrial our BRC accreditation supports food and beverage industry requirements in the sector.

We are proud to work with some of the leading brands in the UK. Because we are an independent provider we can develop tailor made solutions to give complete flexibility allowing you to cope with anything your customers may require, cope with market changes, have confidence in forecasting potential and support growth and improvement strategies.

3PL’s should be viewed as a partnership and this is the policy we adopt at Carlton Forest. The provision of bespoke solutions gives our clients the ability to entrust us with a raft of logistical requirements to support core business needs. Our resources and expertise support businesses across the UK ranging from small independents to blue chip multinationals, highlighting our capabilities and professionalism making us a market leader in the 3PL market.

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