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It has been a few months now since our pyrolysis plant became fully operational and the data that we are beginning to collect has been extremely interesting. It has reinforced our belief in the plant and the pivotal impact it can have on both the tyre recycling industry and the renewable energy sector.

Just one tonne of tyres provides 1.6 megawatt of power!

Furthermore, the oil that is the by-product of the process, is already being used by one engine manufacturer to showcase its quality and how it positively impacts on engine performance.

“Production capabilities for the system from our company IRR manufacturing in South Africa are already filling up for next year and we urge any interested parties to get in touch with us to discuss how end of life tyres and our pyrolysis system could be a real game changer for your business,” said Rory Hughes Technical Director at Carlton Forest Group . “Already the system at our Worksop based headquarters is delivering significant results; why would other businesses not want to reap those same results and benefits?”

Further information can be found by visiting http://irrmanufacturing.com/

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