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Logistics and the festive season

Ok, we know it’s summer and we know it’s the school holidays, but if you’re in a business where Christmas is crazy, now is a great time to start planning your supply chain, warehousing and logistics requirements for the festive season.

In recent times, many businesses have experienced unpredicted uplifts in demand and to cope with this, and to keep the supply chain moving and customers satisfied, many were required to call on logistics providers at short notice to facilitate both warehousing and the movement of product to suit demand.

Whilst this has been manageable for unplanned occurrences one thing is for sure… the festive season is on its way and will arrive at the same time it does every year!
Many businesses can predict the way this will affect their supply chain based on historical data and past years trading figures. They understand, through contracts and supply chain agreements, the volumes of product required and the locations where this product will need to be and when.
But whether you are a business that knows exactly what they need, or a business who needs some help to make sense of supply chain and logistics in the run up to the festive period, we are on hand to provide assistance across all elements of 3PL.

Our full range of 3PL services encompasses everything from product processing and fulfilment to multichannel Ecommerce and full and part load deliveries of your stock from our warehouse.

Our experience and capabilities allows us to tailor our services to meet your needs and this will ensure high levels of efficiencies and give complete peace of mind that contractual demands with your customers will be met by us.
By having a plan of some description, be that a firm agreement or an estimate of what you may require, we are in a great position to be able to ensure that your supply chain is efficient and that your customers and in turn, their customers the consumers, are happy.

Imagine if M&S ran out of Christmas puddings the week before Christmas? Imagine if those tins of Christmas biscuits were trapped in a warehouse somewhere unable to make it to the shelves and the coffee tables of the nation? Imagine if trees were bare because the Christmas trimmings manufacturers didn’t have enough lorries to distribute them to the retailers?

We know they are exaggerated examples but it does highlight just how important it is to have a reputable and efficient 3PL company on board with your requirements, no matter how unpredictable they become.

If you need to formulate a festive plan, why not get in touch so we can be a winning partnership together.

Our strapline is People, Partnership, Performance – says it all really.

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