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Lockdown 3.0 – open for business

Following last night’s announcement, we want to remind customers that as a key industry our Carlton Forest 3PL services will continue uninterrupted and as normal.

We understand that this further lockdown will place additional pressures upon many sectors of our economy and coupled with the early days of Brexit, challenges within the supply chain will continue.

Our team will once again rise to the challenges we all face, and support businesses across a wide variety of sectors through the range of 3PL services that we offer.

Furthermore, our IRR Waste 2 Energy team will follow all guidance to ensure that the valuable work they are doing on projects, research and customer orders continues and that this vital work into the sustainable future of the UK and beyond is not compromised.

We will continue to follow all appropriate guidelines to ensure our staff remain safe and well during the next few weeks.

Best Wishes to you all

Diane Ward, COO, Carlton Forest Group

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