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A Greener Future and a UK First


There is significant media coverage detailing how the UK will meet its environmental and sustainable targets. Whilst there is much emphasis on the roll out of EVs, our carbon footprints and recycling, there is little talk of one of the UK’s biggest challenges; what we do with end-of-life-tyres (ELT).

This challenge was taken up by the Carlton Forest Group over 5 years ago; the group’s CEO, Mark Pepper, leveraged the success of its logistics division to develop and implement a new strategy for the group. This strategy focused on securing a way to deliver full-recovery, zero-to-landfill for end-of-life tyres – a true circular economy solution what would remove the need to burn tyres in kilns or export the problem to developing nations.

The Group has invested over £5m since 2018 in research and development to treat end-of-life-tyres and developed a unique pyrolysis plant which converts ELTs into oil and carbon char. The group secured a patent on its globally unique designs in December 2020 and commenced manufacture of a full commercial scale plant in March 2021 – operations will start in November 2021.

Each module recovers 4,000,000 litres of oil and 2,500 tonnes of carbon char from approximately 1,800,000 million tyres. The process not only removes ELT from other disposal streams, but also ensures no further waste is generated. Furthermore, virgin sources for oil and char do not need to be extracted from the ground. Our oil can be directly blended with RMG380/3.5% and RMG180/1.5% specifications. The carbon char provides a green alternate to coal and coke.

Scott Robson, Managing Director, Carlton Forest Renewables commented; “We are nearing the end of our investment project and will be fully operational in November 2021 making our plant the first continuous pyrolysis plant in the UK for ELTs. Being first is something that the entire team are really proud about, especially considering the significant contribution our plants can make to a greener future for the UK.”

The Group has a five-year vision to generate 100 million litres of oil per year by 2026. This strategy will be delivered by installing modular plants across the UK, close to the source of the ELTs to reduce wasted transport miles and provide even further CO2 benefits.

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