Mark Pepper app image (May 2019)

Exciting news

We’re delighted to post this exciting news; this is the press release that we are sharing with our media partners


A local entrepreneur, who is the third-generation owner of a renowned national warehousing and distribution company, is commencing work on a visionary energy project which will revolutionise not only his own business model but those of businesses across the UK.

Mark Pepper, CEO, Carlton Forest Group in Worksop at the heart of the thriving Sheffield City Region, has commissioned the installation of an advanced conversion technology plant which will see granulated end of life tyres processed to generate energy and an end process product resulting in power generation and zero waste through an environmentally friendly procedure.

“It has been my goal to run the operations at Carlton Forest as sustainably as possible and I have been looking at alternative power sources for a number of years,” said Mark Pepper. “This technology is revolutionary in the UK, yet has a proven track record, and will create a blueprint for other companies to explore off grid solutions that result in zero waste.”

The plant at Carlton Forest Group will utilise end of life tyres to produce fuel for power generation and absorption chilling for a chilled warehousing facility. Furthermore, it will create high grade carbon char, which, after further processing will see the creation of recovered carbon black (rCB).

The system is principally designed to process end of life materials including tyres, wood and plastics and create meaningful and valuable products that support a wide range of industries including fuel, recovered carbon black, Bio-char and a bituminous additive.

“This has been a project that has required lengthy and detailed planning as well as the acquisition of the ACT manufacturing company, IRR manufacturing in South Africa,” said Mark. “We are now very much looking forward to showcasing this environmentally friendly system that will turn end of life materials into valuable products and has the potential to revolutionise the way in which businesses operate and fulfil their sustainability vision.”

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