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Our latest press release for the Tyre and Recycling media…

With an imminent ban on the export of waste tyres from the UK to other countries an alternative solution in how this is managed is urgently needed.
It is therefore worthy of note, that the first continuous end of life tyre pyrolysis plant is now available for demonstration in the UK and that the company that manufacturers the tried and tested technology is keen for other businesses to fully understand the economic benefits that investing in such technology can bring.
“This technology is truly revolutionary and is timely in its availability giving other companies the opportunity to generate power from end of life materials whilst helping to tackle the waste tyre problem across the UK,” said Graham White Group Commercial Manager Carlton Forest Group. “As owners of the manufacturing company we know in great detail the benefits that can be enjoyed of such technology, and that we can support the UK’s Tyre Recovery Association and the Government in their plans to find alternative ways to deal with end of life tyres in the UK.”
The plant utilises end of life tyres to produce a fuel oil for power generation and a high grade carbon char, which after further processing will see the creation of recovered carbon black (rCB).

“To fully appreciate the aspirational qualities of this technology we have welcomed interested parties to viewing sessions where the way the technology works is appreciated and the impact on business operations it can have are explained,” said Graham. “It is the most safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way of dealing with end of life tyres and will be pivotal in disposing of these products responsibly and support other businesses with their sustainability objectives and desire to become more energy efficient.”

To book a viewing to see the plant in operation and discuss the benefits it can bring to your business, please contact

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