It seems that the Easter Biscuit Bunny has paid us a visit just recently as 19,000 Easter themed tins of biscuits required our packing and distribution services!

Just weeks after we processed 300,000 tins of festive biscuits our client called upon us once again to facilitate the third-party packing required to take these Easter biscuit collections to market.

“Easter continues to grow in popularity and has begun to mirror Christmas festivities as people prepare special meals, plan parties and buy food and treats for them to enjoy with family and friends,” said Rachael Murray Business Development Director Carlton Forest Group. “Supporting business through these fluid demands on their goods is what we do best, permitting retail businesses to cope with demand and manage associated costs effectively.”

Whilst chocolate still clearly remains the primary choice for Easter treats the UK is estimated to spend over £13 billion on Easter this year! Furthermore, it is thought that children receive almost £60 worth of Easter chocolate and consume an extra 8,000 calories over the four-day holiday!

Carlton Forest Warehousing and logistics solutions remain the preferred choice for many household names. State of the art Warehouse Management Systems and an OTIF performance of 99.5% continues to give business and brands confidence in our ability to be their warehousing and logistics partner, delivering tangible solutions that make a real difference.

Adept at delivering bespoke warehousing, transport and logistics solutions why not talk to us and see how we can work together.

Happy Easter to you all!