Co-Packing is a term that is often mentioned in all manner of discussions relating to transport, warehousing and supply chain solutions but what is it and how can it help your business?

Rachael Murray, our Business Development Manager explains;

“Co-packing is a service which allows businesses to use a third party to fulfil their warehousing, storage and or distribution needs and one which can deliver a tangible return on investment. Working with Carlton Forest Group can unlock the potential of many businesses to cope with seasonal demand, contract fulfilment and address storage issues that could prove costly to solve in other ways.”

We can provide support across a number of platforms to facilitate the seamless ebb and flow of goods from manufacturer, to us as a 3PL provider and then to the end user or consumer.

Lack of space?

This is one of the biggest factors attributed to the need for co-packing and one which we are adept at delivering. Businesses often win contracts which sees them temporarily outgrow their current business premises. Recognising that further investment in property could be costly and would make poor business sense, especially for short term contracts. We can take receipt of the goods, store, re-pack and palletise as necessary and distribute direct in quantities of one to several thousand. This flexible solution has proved invaluable to businesses, particularly those that operate on short term contracts and appreciate the fluidity of co-packing, warehouse and logistic solutions.

A one stop shop

This gives customers’ peace of mind when dealing with goods which require various elements from the supply chain such as re-packing, re-palletising, logistic solutions and warehousing. We can deliver each element of your required supply chain component and each component can be used as a singular service or, as an holistic package to support a variety of requirements.

Seasonal demand

Coping with seasonal demand can put an immense strain on the ebb and flow of business transactions and whilst many such businesses are equipped to deal with this, some require the intervention of a third party. Whether it’s Christmas biscuits that need re-packing and sending to retail outlets across the UK, or BBQ’s and patio heaters that need re-palletising and distributing to wholesalers, retail outlets or individual consumers we can find a solution that works for you.

Benefits of our Co-Pak services include:

  • Cost reduction – Choosing a co-packing service can reduce transport, storage, staff and property costs
  • Reduced lead times – Time saving efficiencies can be driven if a third party has just this one element of your business to deliver
  • Sustainability – Environmental impact can be decreased particularly in transportation supporting a business’s environmental policies and CSR (Corporate, Social Responsibility) strategy
  • Auditable service – Users of Carlton Forest’s Co-Pak service can enjoy the benefits of our bespoke, high quality warehouse management system which gives customers real time visibility, traceability and stock control

Co-packing continues to provide a tangible manufacturing sector alternative to investment in property, people and machinery and can give companies the flexibility to invest in other areas driving business growth and prosperity.

An established Co-Pak partnership with us can also support the fluid nature of certain industry sectors and be a measurable competitive advantage where supply chain efficiencies are concerned.

Remember too, that we are BRC accredited meaning we can accept co-packing opportunities from the food and beverage sectors and our commitment to high standards across all platforms including customer service, I.T and Health and Safety gives our customers complete peace of mind that they made the right decision in choosing Carlton Forest as their preferred co-packing partner.

Why not unlock your potential and discover the benefits of Co-Packing with us?

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