At the bottom of the runway….


Well, ok; we’re not quite at the bottom of the runway but we are only about 15 minutes’ drive and about 2 minutes’ flight from the UK’s Number One Airport, Doncaster Sheffield.

Housed in the former RAF Finningley base, it became a commercial airport in 2005 and is a hive of activity for cargo and passenger flights across the UK, Europe and beyond. And, it’s proving hugely popular, for not only our warehousing operations, but also for visitors to see the UK’s only continuous pyrolysis plant in operation.

Destinations include Spain, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Greece and Italy as well as selected US and Caribbean locations. It has recently announced that Wizz Air is to expand its locations and operations adding new destinations to its flight schedule.

It has meant that Doncaster and its airport are a great location to do business, close to the commuter networks, not far from the Port of Hull and in the heart of the national rail infrastructure.

Great investment has been made with the opening of the Great Yorkshire Way and iPort rail enhancing the transport infrastructure and bringing even more business opportunities to the region.

“Having the airport so close is a real bonus and gives prospective customers a great option when visiting us,” commented Graham White, our Group Commercial Director. “It’s exciting times for Carlton Forest 3PL and IRR Waste 2 Energy and the airport being in such close proximity, only helps our growth and diversification plans.”

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