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Behind the scenes logistics support contributes to business success story


An independent 3PL provider based in the North of England has been instrumental in keeping the supply chains of the nation running in the first wave of the pandemic due to the flexibility and expertise of its core business operations and adaptability to Covid-19.

Carlton Forest 3PL, located in Worksop, North Nottinghamshire, was able to adapt its services and procedures quickly without closing its doors or furloughing any member of staff. As a result, it was able to provide logistics support to key businesses in the UK, one of which was the Kingfisher Group, who have recently reported profitable success on the back of Britain turning to DIY during the initial lockdown and ongoing restrictions.

“Our logistics partners, who manage the contract for a division of the Kingfisher Group in the UK, had to halt their services for three months whilst procedures were devised and put in place to enable them to become Covid Secure,” said Diane Ward, Group Operations Director, Carlton Forest Group. “As an existing partner to their logistics operations, we reacted immediately acquiring additional warehousing to facilitate the supply chain and to help their customer, Kingfisher, with the uplift in demand for their product portfolio. Due to the nature of our business we were able to implement all necessary Government guidelines and requirements quickly and now, to see such positive outcomes reported, such as profitability and the securing of jobs from a challenging situation is fantastic.”

In addition to returning the £23m in furlough pay the group saw online sales rise 164% which accounted for almost 20% of all sales. Such an increase in demand resulted in 50,000 pallets being stored at our warehouse facilities over the given period.

“Working together as a team usually delivers more positive outcomes and we are proud to have played a part in their summer of success, delivering an entire leisure range across the UK,” said Diane. “Many 3PL providers have such colossal volume contracts that any deviation from the ‘norm’ results in a stalemate situation. Given the challenges that everyone has faced this year so far, and the added pressure of Brexit looming on the horizon bringing another challenge that needs to be overcome, we recognise that flexibility is critical to many businesses being able to cope with something that they are unable to plan for.

“Our reputation for being a professional and efficient 3PL provider is one that we are very proud of and we enjoy working with customers and logistics partners who take the same pride in their business operations as we do.”

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